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Letters to the editor for Oct 10, 2020

Letters to the editor for Oct 10, 2020


Biden and military

As a former U.S. naval officer, I believe that it is important to point out that more than 200 retired generals and admirals endorsed Joe Biden in a letter published Sept. 24. The letter states Biden has the character and judgement to serve as commander in chief while Trump has failed “to meet challenges large or small.” In addition, the signatories included a former director of the CIA and FBI, and five former secretaries of defense.

If the survival of our democracy is important to you, consider what these former leaders of the nation’s military are telling us. They have no faith in President Trump being able to meet the challenges of the office, now or in the future. Like these former military leaders, exercise your right and make sure that your voice is heard by voting on Nov. 3.



Hold Trump accountable

Critics of Donald Trump are often accused in these pages and elsewhere of suffering from “Trump Derangement Syndrome.” Supposedly, it is our blind hatred of the current president that lies behind the criticism.

Mr. Trump certainly does elicit strong emotions. Mine do not include respect, admiration or anything remotely approaching love. But that’s not what motivates most of us. Let me explain.

The unknown person who ambushed two Los Angeles County deputies as they sat in their patrol car is a vile criminal. I certainly don’t respect, admire or “love” him or her. But mostly, I just want that person to be held accountable for their crime and to be brought to justice. Donald Trump has escaped accountability for his entire privileged life. His desperate attempts to hang on to his office at all costs is because he knows he will very likely face criminal prosecution once he leaves it.

The Los Angeles shooter needs to be held accountable. So does Donald John Trump.



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