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Letters to the editor for Oct 12, 2020

Letters to the editor for Oct 12, 2020


Trump is the Godly choice

Moses killed an Egyptian and spent 40 years in the desert for it. Then, God impressed upon him to go to that den of iniquity called Egypt so he could lead God’s people out of bondage. Then, Donald Trump did and said some stupid stuff, and God called upon him to go to Washington, D.C. to confront the wickedness there, “the swamp.” Trump has spent four years (it must seem like 40 to him and his family) being lied about, spit at, cursed and called all sorts of evil things by America haters, killers of unborn babies, plus the anti-Constitution politicians and their partners in “deceitful” media.

God called Trump to the nearly impossible job (no one else could stand up under) of Making America Great Again by returning our Merry Christmas greetings again, honoring our flag, allowing religion back into politics and remembering God is our answer, not a curse.

I, for one, pray Trump wins and continues to draw our nation back to pride in our founding fathers and trust in Almighty God. I thank God that Trump was not only the first and only president to speak at a Right to Life D.C. rally but has offered up two — soon three — Supreme Court Judges that hopefully will right our national constitutional ship of state. My prayer is these three will find others on the court who do correct the 5-4 horrible 1973 ruling that has permitted America to take the lives of over 62 million babies — a blood awful slaughterhouse that must be stopped. We must as a people once again fear YOU, Lord God, more than any man or woman.

My final point: “If Trump turns out to be a bad dude, I’ll say what other choice did God provide? Should I have turned to a mob who threatens, burns businesses and homes, kills a Patriot Prayer person or to Black Lives Matter leaders who promise more of the same until we give up our property and freedoms? No. Absolutely not!”

Get out and vote Trump 2020!

Then, pray, “Lord help Americans (you and me—especially me) turn our hearts toward heaven, to be able to forgive hateful enemies of God in our homeland and in Communist countries. Lord help us do good by our neighbors nearby our homes and those afar off in China and around the world.“

Frank Landrey


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