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Letters to the editor for Oct 13, 2020

Letters to the editor for Oct 13, 2020


Support, don’t politicize police

Security and safety are good words. Having peaceful families and raising our children with opportunity is a common goal.

Authoritarian societies will provide security for those who cooperate at the detriment of others. We can so easily give up our freedoms (to speak, of movement, to demonstrate, to vote and have non-partisan courts). If we give up our belief in justice for all, we lose our American soul and Christian-humanitarian ethics of decency.

Jacob Blake was given no rights while being shot seven times in the back. The police must allow the treatment of the suspect to match the accused crime. That is not happening sometimes. So many unnecessary Black deaths.

Being Black in America can be dangerous to your life. Authoritarian governments use “law & order” as an excuse to control non-supporters. Does being a white peaceful demonstrator mean death too (like two in Wisconsin)?

Lynchburg can learn a lesson here. I know some of our police — sincere and fine people. Defund the police means less money toward military-like activities and more community based — social work with investment in the poorest areas by mentoring, activities with youth and occasional neighborhood beats in order to know the people you serve as a peacemaker too.

Let’s support our policing by making it better and not politicize it.



A not-so-great impression

A hot pink barbie bus. Ballerina Barbie and Sporty Barbie have already exited and we are supposed to take this seriously? Are you kidding me?

If this is the impression Amy Coney Barrett wants to leave with us, we’re in for some really interesting times.

Even my 14-year-old great-niece would be embarrassed to be seen in this thing.

Just for a moment visualize the late great RBG having her name and face embellished on this bus — not.



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