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Letters to the editor for Oct. 9, 2021

Letters to the editor for Oct. 9, 2021

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Something missing from signs

I have been following the campaign for governor scheduled for Nov. 2 with keen interest. I hope all citizens have as well. So far, the thing that puzzles me most is the absence of the Republican Party name on their candidates' signs. In prior years Republican candidates' signs were saturated with the party label to the extent that there would be hardly any space remaining for the name of the candidate.

The party name omission on Glenn Youngkin's gubernatorial candidate sign is the most conspicuous. It appears that former President Donald Trump is making the decision as to what name goes where on advertising signs. If former President Trump is making decisions that affect all Virginians at this stage, you can only imagine the role he will demand to play in a Youngkin administration. To you my friends, I say be very careful as to who you vote for come Nov. 2.



Republicans reflect better values

I have never understood Republican or Democrat. I understand morals, values and I understand that many young people have died for the freedoms the American people have.

So from what I gather, the Democrats promote abortion, a lawless society, government control over the freedoms Americans once had, open borders, and it does not matter who comes into America (to include drugs, terrorist and diseases that were eradicated in the USA (ex. measles)). On the other hand, the Republicans want law and order, birth control over abortion, a safe community for you and your family and parents to get involved in what their children are learning in school.

So even though no human is perfect, I would bet the Republican Party will work harder toward freedom rather than government control, work harder toward a safe country than a very dangerous and drug-infested one, vetting those who wish to come here and come through America’s laws rather than a open border.

America was built on sweat and hard work, so why are so many not working? I will say this: Yes we all want more money, but I was raised, “It’s not what you make, but how you spend it." Those who receive Democrats' government handouts are allowing themselves to be controlled by the government. If we all get a government handout (which the Democrats call free), sooner or later the controls they will have over your life will be unstoppable: what you eat, what you say, what you wear and how you think will be their decision instead of yours. When you work for an employer to earn your keep, some require uniforms; this is your income provider, so you comply. When the government’s handout is your income, they own you. Get a job, lazy is killing America. God, please help.


Madison Heights

Where was debt concern in '17?

The time for Republicans to worry about paying the nation's debts was in 2017 when they slashed the taxes paid by corporations and the wealthy. It takes a lot of chutzpah to voluntarily reduce your income and then threaten to renege on your debts.




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