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Letters to the editor for Sept. 12, 2020

Letters to the editor for Sept. 12, 2020


Letters to the editor for Sept. 12, 2020

Letter misses the point

I was appalled when I read the letter titled, “Show some respect” in the Aug. 21 edition. The writer got it all wrong.

Those of us who protest are well aware of the benefits that we receive from our great country. We know that there is nowhere in the world that would grant us the rights that we enjoy here.

But we do not “mock” anyone.

Among our rights is the right to “redress of grievances.” When we see that our government, especially the executive branch, is wrong, we have the right to have that corrected. This is guaranteed by Amendment 1 of our Constitution. When we see rogue police officers and local vigilantes murder Black men and women in cold blood, we have the right to seek for that policy to be corrected.

To do that, we have the right to speak freely. This is also guaranteed by Amendment 1. Taking a knee to protest is well within our right to free speech.

Further, Amendment 1 also guarantees us the right to peacefully assemble and unify in our anger at the inaction of our government. (Note that I said “peacefully.”) We have a right to not be harassed by gun-toting radicals. They are not law enforcement officers and should not be allowed to act as if they are. We have seen examples of their intent to commit murder. And our government does nothing to protect us.

So in reality, we are the true patriots because we seek to obey and enforce the protections guaranteed by our Constitution. And those who blindly follow an incompetent wanna-be dictator are simply being foolish. The old saying says, “Who is the bigger fool, the fool himself or the fool who follows him?”

Hopefully, we true patriots will change this in the fall and put in office a genuine leader.



Equal justice?

Saw that Portsmouth Police Chief Angela Greene is on leave for doing her job. She charges State Sen. Louise Lucas for destruction of property.

All lives matter. For sure. But why does this senator get reprieve for her crime. Being a senator? Being Black? Being female? Or all the above?

Me, being a white male, if I damaged a Martin Luther King Jr. statue, would I get the same justice? Or would I be sentenced to full extent of the law? People, let’s play fair.



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