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Sept 5, 2020 LNA Letters to the editor

Sept 5, 2020 LNA Letters to the editor


Listen to all sides

With elections coming soon, I hope voters will pay attention to both sides and don’t vote folly again. Voting is serious, listen to everything you can from all the news, especially the seven or eight that give you both Republican and Democratic news, not just Fox that only gives you what they want you to hear, not what is really going on.

Trump has done nothing but drag our country down, made us the laughing stock around the world because of his inability to lead.

Had he acted as he should, when he was briefed in November 2019 about this virus, things wouldn’t have gotten as bad as they have.

I’m so glad the majority of the country didn’t vote for Trump in 2016, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton received more than three million more votes than Trump, but the electoral vote gave it to Trump.

What a waste.



Lynchburg must remain Lynchburg

Randy Nelson wrote an excellent article concerning the founding of Lynchburg and the name.

Charles Lynch was brother to John Lynch. Both were intelligent men with great conviction. They were much wiser than any who wish to change the name of Lynchburg. Kaye Crosby and Freda H. Womack also wrote positive articles.

Lynchburg has never been an embarrassment to Liberty University. Jerry Falwell Sr. was a very aggressive person. Any embarrassments he had would have been headlines. Jerry Sr. had a big goal to buy Candlers Mountain and rename it Liberty Mountain. This didn’t go over very well and is still Candlers Mountain.

I worked with a Black man named Lynch. What does his family do, change their name? No, people like Robert Reyes and others leave.

Proud to be born and raised in Lynchburg.



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