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Letters to the editor for Aug 12, 2020

Letters to the editor for Aug 12, 2020


Explanation appreciated

On behalf of all paper copy subscribers to The News & Advance, let me thank Mr. Kelly Mirt for explaining in the June 30th edition the reasons for offering The News and Advance as online editions only on specified dates. In many instances, companies make changes without bothering to inform their constituents and that can cause contention. Mr. Mirt is to be commended for being upfront and aboveboard.

Please allow me to note several reasons why people subscribe to paper copies of the news. A sizable portion of Virginia is rural and broadband internet access is unavailable. Rural customers with private internet subscribers may find that their service is spotty at times. For example, during the pandemic shutdown, many rural people went to the parking lots of public libraries and schools to secure consistent internet access.

Secondly, I’d surmise that a large segment of paper subscribers are the elderly whose technological skills are limited for various reasons with vision being one of them. Moreover, the elderly are on fixed incomes, a major portion of which is designated for necessities including medical costs. The money to purchase and maintain computers may be prohibitive, even if these individuals were technologically astute. The cost of a yearly paper subscription, however, is an affordable luxury, which keeps senior citizens informed while providing daily entertainment.

In conclusion, Mr. Mirt’s willingness to explain why paper copies of specified editions of The News & Advance would be unavailable was greatly appreciated. A lot of confusion and angst would be eliminated if more companies were as candid. It is my belief, however, that the most productive approach to change occurs when constituents are involved in the deliberation stage before decisions are finalized.



Don’t change city’s name

Jerry Falwell Jr. said he is in favor of changing the Lynchburg Va. name. He said some people think it is for hanging. But they don’t realize the name is from the founder John Lynch, who in 1757 opened a ferry here. Then in 1788 Lynchburg was established. He was also a Quaker. A very religious person. The people back then did not think about hanging someone.

I wonder if they want to change the name of Lynchburg, Tennessee (they make Jack Daniels liquor). Or Lynchburg, Ohio, or Lynchburg, Pennsylvania. I see the Washington Redskins are changing their name.

I guess the Cleveland Indians baseball team will change their name too. If The Rev. Jerry Falwell Sr. was still alive he would be very disappointed in his liberal son.



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