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Letters to the editor for August 5, 2020

Letters to the editor for August 5, 2020

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Two parties not enough

The two party system that we have in American politics is a sham.

For example, how many of you identify as conservative? A conservative is someone who stands for a small government, the protection of everyone’s individual rights (not just certain groups) and lower taxes. Currently, our federal government is seen more as king in a monarchy. The federal government is huge, taxes are high and the power of the government is scary if you are a conservative. In three years, President Trump has executed 151 executive orders.

Another example, if you identify as a liberal, is how much has your elected officials done for you in the past 50 years? We have continually failing social programs and the need to continually reform broken systems in place. Biden championed such legislation as “tough on crime” in the ’80s and the “Biden crime bill” in the ’90s — which is the largest crime bill ever passed, leading to Black and minority targeted laws, naturally creating a culture of mass incarceration.

With one of two parties being able to stay in control at all times, keep the population divided and against each other, who has control: the people or the government?

What if there was a way to put liberty and power back where it belongs — to the people, as well as shrink government, take government out of our personal lives and be somewhat of a middle ground between the emotions behind why we end up voting conservative or liberal?

It’s time to look at third party for our local, state and national elections. The first step is to break the two party system to show the government that enough is enough and we are tired of the games, strategic division and we want to be control of our own lives again.

Give Libertarian presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen consideration for your vote for 2020. The excuse of “a vote third party is a vote thrown away” is not an excuse anymore. We need something different. We need both major parties to wake up and realize that we have power and we are tired of the games.



Remove pipeline signs

I’m looking forward to those “No Pipeline” signs disappearing. When?



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