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Letters to the editor for July 2, 2020

Letters to the editor for July 2, 2020

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Protesters seek justice

I would like to respond to the arguments made by Saturday’s [June 13, 2020] op-ed.

First, the nationwide protests over police brutality seek to eradicate white supremacy and violence inflicted on Black communities. They do not seek to up-end our “whole system” of government and society as the op-ed suggests. This supposition is a baseless, fear-provoking slippery slope. Police and criminal justice reform will not change the whole government. Cutting oversized police department budgets, banning stop-and-frisk, banning choke holds does not threaten the undoing of society. It will help our society stop inflicting racism and violence toward the Black community.

Second, Black people’s lives are undervalued in this country. This is not a hasty generalization, but one backed up by centuries of racial bias and discrimination. The protests are not suggesting Black lives should be more important than all other lives; they are asking that Black lives have equal worth and dignity. The writer purports that we are not a racist nation. What about the fact that the word “slavery” is not mentioned in the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution, only first used in the amendment that abolished it? This country’s roots were established in systematic racism and discrimination. There are all kinds of racism, not just overt.

Read the article that was on the opposite page of Saturday’s [June 13, 2020] op-ed, “What is a black life worth?” Look at the statistics, educate yourself on what black Americans go through, and I pray as a Christian you’re willing to learn.



More than one heinous act

This is in response to “Wait a minute” by Sam Barlotta. He stated that as a result of one policeman’s heinous act protesters think our system of government, our society, and our rules must change.

Apparently the newspaper, magazines, internet and “fake” news that he reads or watches has been so redacted that he has no idea of what’s happening in this country. Hillsdale College in it’s educating apparently skipped the 14th Amendment, slavery and the civil rights movements. Apparently math was omitted also since there were more than one policeman’s heinous act people are protesting.



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