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Letters to the editor for July 22, 2020

Letters to the editor for July 22, 2020

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Why militarize the police?

Policing. What if we disarmed front-line officers — no guns, tasers, clubs, chemical sprays?

What if they wore obviously distinctive uniforms, not intimidating and clearly denoting this status — no body armor, face shields, helmets?

What if they were recruited from the locality where they themselves lived, knowing the people, businesses and issues?

What if anyone who harms them faces swift and severe consequences?

What if they were backed up by limited, lightly armed “tactical” teams that are trained to respond to specific violent actions?

We already have the armed services and National Guard if needed.

Why then would we need militarized local police forces?



Make poverty the focus

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven that it does not not respect borders. Low-income nations are experiencing the most severe and lethal impacts of this virus, essentially due to lack of resources in developing nations. It is crucial for America — and Virginia — to support those in need during these difficult times, and in return will benefit our economy. Sen. Tim Kaine has demonstrated a great amount of support regarding pieces of foreign aid legislation. Our representatives not only must represent us, but must represent the issues that we, as their constituents, support. We should be reaching out to our leaders, especially during these challenging times.

Calling Congress weekly will catch the eye of a staff member, or even your leader, if completed consistently. Emailing Congress, requesting a meeting with your leader’s office and mobilizing others to reach out are also effective ways to connect with your leaders.

If your leader and his/her staff see an issue enough times, it will catch his/her eye. Support The Borgen Project as we fight to alleviate global poverty, and make poverty a focus on U.S. foreign policy, let’s be the voice for the voiceless.



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