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Letters to the editor for July 24, 2020

Letters to the editor for July 24, 2020

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We have lost our way

In the Didache or The Teachings of the Apostles (written about 140 A.D. by our early Christian Fathers) there is the following: “You shall love God who made you; second, love your neighbor as yourself, and do not do to another what you would not want done to you.

And of these sayings the teaching is this: Bless those who curse you, and pray for your enemies, and fast for those who persecute you.

For what reward is there for loving those who love you? Do not the non-believers do the same? But love those who hate you and you shall not have an enemy. Abstain from fleshly and worldly lusts. If someone strikes your right cheek, turn to him the other also, and you shall be perfect. If someone impresses you for one mile, go with him two. If someone takes your cloak, give him also your coat. If someone takes from you what is yours, ask it not back, for indeed you are not able. Give to everyone who asks you, and ask it not back; for the Father wills that to all should be given of our own blessings (free gifts). Happy is he who gives according to the commandment, for he is guiltless.”

The above is all scriptural —but does this sound anything like the modern day political behavior of our president and his Christian supporters (like Jerry Falwell Jr.)?

We have lost our way. Does a fallen economy, persecution of the powerless, poor health care, disease pandemic, voter suppression, corruption, lies and self-interest over the better good become our new Christian values? Can there be no peace without total justice and love?



Endorsing Trump

It is the summer of 2020 and we are in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, but it is still an election year.

And November will be here before you know it.

I type this letter to tell everyone why I endorse Donald Trump for president of the United States of America. I am a Christian, a husband, a father, a stepfather and a lifelong Virginian and American.

The Democratic Party is trying to push and shove our country in a direction that is destructive to everything I hold dear in my heart. They are trying to make the people of our country live in a way that they don’t even raise their families. They don’t send the young ladies of their families to abortion clinics that are not held to the proper standards like a hospital. They don’t let midwives perform abortions on their daughters. And they don’t let their daughters have abortions without thinking and talking about it thoroughly and carefully.

But they vote in laws that let ladies have abortions in clinics without hospital standards, performed by midwives, and that doesn’t make them think about making such a life-changing decision for just 24 hours. These Democrat lawmakers want to take your guns away from you, but they have bodyguards and huge fences to protect their families.

These Democrat lawmakers want people to be able to vote without a picture I.D. I guarantee you they don’t send their children to the polls without their driver’s license and proper papers. They allow the tearing down of statues and say it’s because of our country’s past slavery issues. Yet they don’t whisper a word against the talk of tearing down an Abraham Lincoln statue.

Wake up, Virginia. The Democrat Party doesn’t care or stand for anything other than getting reelected and getting your votes. And they don’t care what they have to say or do to get that vote. Donald Trump isn’t perfect, but he will keep us in jobs and keep us providing for our families. Mr. Trump will keep us safe from foreign enemies and from the out of control Democrat Party. He’s already helped us to keep the Supreme Court as conservative as possible. And if we reelect him, we will get one more much needed Supreme Court seat.

God bless Virginia, and the United States of America.



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