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Letters to the editor for June 29, 2020

Letters to the editor for June 29, 2020

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Time to teach about slavery

Isn’t it about time we actually started teaching about slavery? About when Columbus brought native “Indians” back to Spain after his voyages, not as visitors, but as property for King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella to decide how and what to do with these “visitors,” or about when African tribal chiefs actually sold their own people to the plantation owners in the New World.

How about a series of lectures, seminars, round-table discussions, or just plain gatherings to discuss how it started, when it started, where it came from, who did what to whom, what was the Civil War really was about and what resulted from it?

Speaking of which, how about we take the Civil War era statues and place them in a museum where anyone that would like to can buy a ticket and learn some more about real history?

Each statue could have a plaque about the person telling who, what when and where they were involved.

The existing statues do not need to be destroyed; they are real parts of history, unless the powers that be decide to rewrite history, and they should be preserved.

I have been out of school for many years, but do not remember ever having been taught this in school, and I came from the North. I have learned what I’ve learned from experience, reading and yes, talking to all types and kinds of people.

Since our schools are so intent on doing what is right and feeding everyone at least two meals a day, how about if they start to”feed” everyone what they need to know to help understand why we are where we are, and what we may be able to do to change things for the better?




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