Letters to the Editor for Sunday, July 14, 2019

Letters to the Editor for Sunday, July 14, 2019

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Are we talking about the same president?

Over the past few weeks, quite a few letter writers to this newspaper have whined and complained that neither the child-king president nor his squishy, compliant supporters have received the respect they believe they deserve. In my view, it is primarily that as a group you have gleefully and sometimes violently repudiated every core value conservatives have endlessly spoken about for decades both economically and morally. You have no credibility, your words can’t be trusted, you embrace dishonesty, you are Donald Trump.

Again in my view, the common threads that bind this dysfunctional coalition together are the fear of others not like themselves and love of chaos. Separately, these are manageable personal issues but combined they are the foundation for a mob that wants what they want when they want it because they are the truly deserving ones chosen by a higher power. Throw in the added mob benefit of no personal responsibility and you get well … awesome! No government founded on the goal of striving for equality for all can deliver that but with a sympathetic, narcissistic, chaotic child-king you just might have a shot.

So all you still Trump supporters out there ask yourself this: If President Trump authorized the Border Patrol or military to use indiscriminate deadly force to “repel” the half-starved caravans at our southern border, would you be supportive, openly object or be “disturbed” in private? Would your dedication to the Right to Life movement include these illegal immigrants? Would gunning down children be OK because their parents never should have brought them here in the first place? Was this God’s plan for them or a choice you inflicted amidst the chaos? My guess is your answer lies — pun intended — with Fox News.

Lastly, the go-to move for any still Trump supporter is super patriotism which oddly demands that gay, trans and illegal immigrant volunteers who actually fought in recent wars for this country be summarily dismissed and banned from future military service. “We honor our military,” not. Apparently they are not human enough to volunteer unless, of course, the chosen ones aren’t available. When given the opportunity to showcase their super patriot bonafides during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, many of the chosen cut and run. “I support the war in principle but God has other plans for me,” they said. Decoded that sounds very familiar to the old Vietnam-era draft protest chant, “Hell no, we won’t go” but without the “Better you than me” caveat.

Maybe hypocrisy is the third thread.



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