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TODAY’S CROSSWORD Solution on page D6 ACROSS 1 Braid 6 Midler or Davis 11 Attics 16 Occupy the throne 21 Solitary 22 Mall for Plato 23 Barbecu…

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Lynchburg realtor Jimmy Miller of John Stewart Walker Real Estate uses his background as a contractor and licensed surveyor for his clients. Miller discusses what people need to know in today’s market.

Q: I read your article on using real estate attorneys in residential closings. What a bunch of drivel. I have handled tens of thousands, if not over 200,000 closings, settlements and escrows in all 50 states since 1996 and have found the greatest costs are always in states where we had to use attorneys.

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As a borrower, waiting for closing can feel like agony—especially if you’re trying to close on a house and you’re ready to move, or if you urgently need the savings a refinance will give you. Throughout most of the closing process, you’re waiting on other people, and you often don’t know how far along they […]

Q: I have lived in a house for the past three years and received a letter stating the house was sold for unpaid taxes. I’ve tried reaching the homeowners, but they won’t respond. If I pay the back taxes on the house can I claim ownership in West Virginia?

Many people don’t understand the difference between owner financing, lease-purchase agreements, and renting to own.

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Most lease contracts allow another person to take it over. Websites such as and connect lease sellers with people wanting to assume a lease.

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