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It’s no surprise TikTok creator @targetjunkie knows all the best Halloween finds from Target. These $10 cozy Halloween throw blankets come in multiple prints and are a serious steal.

Turn a few plastic pumpkin trick-or-treat buckets into a piece of fall décor with spray paint, super glue, and some faux flowers like TikTok creator @wyosparkle.

TikTok creator @jellybean.celine tried the trending 5-ingredient cookie recipe and was definitely impressed with how delicious this dessert turned out when she swapped peanut butter for cookie butter.

The biggest problem with Dunkaroos was always that there was never enough. TikTok creator @aquickspoonful solves that problem with a party-sized copycat recipe for Dunkaroos dip.

Reusing everyday items can be a great way to decorate your home for Halloween without splurging on decorations you’ll only use once a year. These DIY potion bottles from TikTok creator @brookedarwin will give you something to do with your used glass bottles before you toss them in the recycling bin.

TikTok creator @nifty loved the look of an Emissary Home & Garden vase on Amazon but didn’t love the $200 price tag. When she spotted some similarly shaped spray bottles at Dollar Tree, she used a lot of creativity and a little Rust-Oleum textured spray paint to create an incredible dupe.

TikTok creator @oli_bea has a huge collection of plants that line bright windows, but the bathroom doesn’t get the same kind of light. But plants in the bathroom aren’t off the table. If you have a bathroom without a lot of natural light, try a pothos. They thrive in the humidity.

If you want a more adult version of this summer drink, try this boozy creamy lemonade recipe from TikTok creator @thebartenderbish for a delicious cocktail.

TikTok creator @stuffyouactuallyneed found this smart seat gap filler on Amazon. Whether you have kids who are constantly spilling snacks under the seats or you’re prone to dropping your phone, this handy tool is must have.

This vintage tin wallpaper from Arhaus is perfect for adding a vintage touch to any room. TikTok creator @_forthehome used it to completely change the look of her kitchen.

TikTok creator @lahbco shows you how to create a sweet berry dressing to top the perfect berry and burrata kale salad. The key to restaurant level flavor? Season every part of the salad.

TikTok creator @happyandhealthyolivia is here to save you money and calories with this copycat Sweetgreen guacamole greens salad.

Thrips are a common insect found in indoor and outdoor gardens, but you definitely don’t want them around since they suck the life out of plants. PlantTok creator @amonthejungle uses masking tape to trap these annoying bugs.

TikTok creator @rachlvalente has a gorgeous home, but that’s not because she’s super rich. Her tip: thrift, thrift, and then thrift some more. She found some of her coolest pieces on Facebook Marketplace.

Add some visual interest without the commitment by using removable wallpaper with a brick look. TikTok creator @dwellandgatherhome tried out this renter-friendly faux brick wall hack.

TikTok creator @azrielpatricia got a natural brick wall look with panels she found on Amazon. The accent wall adds a ton of character to her NYC apartment.

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