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Nutmeg is a very sweet, lovely, approximately 3-year-old Fox Hound mix. She responds to “Come” and knows “Go potty” and “Sit.” She walks well …

Faraday is a study in beauty and strength, an expression of loyalty and love. He is large at 75 pounds with a traditional Foxhound likeness. F…

Babette is sweet and athletic. It can take her a little time to get comfortable with new things, though less so if her sister, Tabbie, is by h…

Janet is a wonderful dog. She has a spectacular, shiny, dark brindle coat. Her greatest desire is making the world a happier place. She wants …

Nutmeg is a sweet, good-natured, 3-year-old foxhound mix. She knows some commands, such as ‘come,’ ‘go potty’ and ‘sit.’

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From Wolfgang Man & Beast’s aptly named GreatEscape collection are a collar, leash and comfort harness (from $19.99) featuring outdoor-themed patterns that inspire trotting off into the great unknown. These machine-washable dog accessories are designed to work together to give the human and the human’sBFF a sense of security while also giving Fido a style upgrade.

Gator's owner surrendered her to us because she is no longer able to walk her on a leash. Gator is... View on PetFinder

Rooster (and his brother Roger featured last week) recently arrived at our shelter. He appears to be a 4-year-old Beagle and weighs 30.4 pound…

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Because there is a risk that people with COVID-19 could spread the virus to animals, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that pet owners limit their pet’s interaction with people outside the household. To do that, you can:

Axel, he’s the man! He’s like so happy, we aren’t sure we’ve had a dog so happy 24/7 about everything and nothing.

Mary is a 3-year-old, 46-pound female Beagle/Hound (mix). Inquisitive and energetic, she can sometimes be seen playing with a ball as if there…

Zeus, 7-year-old, 110-pound Great Pyrenees, looks like a panda bear without the black patches … a lamb in bear’s clothing. Zeus walks calmly o…

Kilburn is a perky Australian Shepherd mix. Who can resist that waggling bob-tail that makes him look as if a black and tan teddy-bear came al…

Minnie, a Foxhound at 2 years old and weighing 55 pounds, is a strikingly elegant dog with a fun logo of “Minnie Mouse ears” on the left side …

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If a dog spots wildlife, there's a good chance it will want to chase it. When this happens, it stresses out an animal, something that can lead to death in itself. Keep your dog on a leash to prevent interactions that may result in wildlife being maimed or killed.

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While all hikers seem to think their dog "isn't aggressive," exploring a new trail can sometimes result in a dog displaying uncharacteristic behaviors, especially if they encounter a new situation that makes them feel threatened. When an unleashed dog on the trail displays aggressive or overly excited behavior, many hikers perceive this as a danger and respond accordingly, sometimes even shooting dogs that are off-leash.

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Multiple times a year there are dog rescues that could be avoided entirely had the animal simply been kept on a leash in a dangerous situation. This begs the question: How many dogs die due to trail hazards, but simply aren't covered in the media?

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Sure, your poodles might be descendants of the mighty wolf, but allowing them to travel the trail off-leash in a natural space still poses a number of threats. One major threat is that domesticated animals often tend to be targeted by predators.

Mary is a female Hound/Lab (mix), about 3 years old, weighs 46 pounds, spayed and microchipped. She is still a young, inquisitive, energetic d…

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Will I get everything I need in a puppy starter kit or will I have to buy other products?

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