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The little helicopter only weighs 4 pounds, and its first flight lasted a mere 30 seconds and reached an altitude only of 10 feet. But it did so on Mars. Stop and wonder about that for a moment. For the first time, humankind has achieved powered flight on another planet. A feat that would be nothing for a 10-year-old child to accomplish with a backyard drone takes on new meaning when it happens 178 million miles away on a planet with 1% of Earth’s atmosphere.

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Harvard researchers concluded that raindrops are similar across various planetary environments, no matter how different they are. AmazeLab’s J…

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Going green isn’t just great for the environment—it can also be great for your wallet. As EcoTok creator explains, a low waste lifestyle can help you save money while you save the planet. Her low waste and budget friendly swaps include reusable wool dryer balls, a reusable cooking oil spray bottle, and a long-lasting shampoo bar.

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The atmospheric surrounds of Angkor, a cluster of beautiful crumbling temples surrounded by jungle, comes in at number eight on Lonely Planet's list. Cambodia's top tourist attraction, this vast UNESCO World Heritage Site is a remarkable place to visit.

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