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Widespread automation means our computers aren’t the only vulnerable technology we use. More of our physical landscape has become part of the World Wide Web, like cars and medical equipment, and this presents new avenues through which cybercriminals can wreak havoc on our lives. In this book, Bruce Schneier explores the risks and security implications that this new, hyper-connected era has wrought. He explains how we’ve ended up in this position, outlines consequences and offers potential solutions. Schneier’s book is an excellent guide to understanding the importance of cybersecurity in contemporary society and a manual for constructing a more secure future.

The Tokyo Olympic Games are fast approaching, but will they be postponed again? The Japanese authorities say the games will continue as planned, but the general public in Japan are less enthusiastic. An expert explains some of the risks at play.

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Alessa is a single mom and the caretaker for her difficult mother, who is suffering from the volatile symptoms of alcohol dementia. Alessa’s been reclusive, lonely and destructively self-deprecating, but she decides it’s time to step forward, take some risks and try to build a better life.

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To help you maintain balance as you age, make sure you incorporate balance training exercises into your workout routine. While balance exercises are good for all ages, they become particularly important the older you get since balance tends to diminish with age. Diminished balance could increase the risk for falls and fractures.

“We’ve just seen so much illness and death,” she said. “I’m shocked every day by how sick people are. Not just old people. One week a few months ago, all my patients were under 40. It’s just really shocking how unpredictable this virus is. It hits people differently. Some people don’t have any symptoms, while some people are massively ill.”

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