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Letters to the editor for May 13

Letters to the editor for May 13

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Whichever ‘cabal’ works

Here a cabal, there a cabal, everywhere a cabal. One man’s cabal is another man’s policy choices. So, lets for the sake of argument call them both cabals. Which one do you want to be a part of?

The Republican cabal most prominent feature these days is that the 2020 election was stolen by fraud. Never mind that there is no evidence of that. And because of this so-called fraud, laws must be passed to make voting harder. Throw in a little “Anglo-Saxon caucus,” a hypocritical deficit hysteria, climate chance denialism, misogyny, anti-immigration, the pandemic was a hoax and a culture war based on homophobia and you have the outlines of the Republican cabal.

Now what does the Democratic cabal consist of? It wants to give Americans a raise and wants to create economy where wealth starts at the bottom and works it way up. Throw in support for families, support for education, support for sustainable energy, support for voting rights, support for diversity. Sounds like a cabal you would want to be a part of.

The great George Orwell observed that a defining feature of authoritarianism was the debasement of words. If the dictator could define what certain words meant he could control you. He could convince that the election was stolen, that the insurrectionists of January 6th were patriots, that only Trump can bring back America. And also, please keep sending us more money.

So, keep on using those words. But know that we are aware of your cabal.


A nation living in fear When our children are taught a national heritage that depicts America as anything less than awe inspiring, we deliberately disrespect the white stones adorning the meadows of Arlington. Today, we have a problem, recognized by and a concern of our Founders; the role of the political parties. Our Founding Fathers intended purpose of the political parties was to provide an avenue to convey the people’s political opinions to our elected representatives. Today, the political parties have ventured onto a very different path. A path to gain their own political power.

The federal government has disgraced itself. The Supreme Court has succumbed to political threats as in 1937. Congressional representatives and senators violate their respective oaths of office to “defend the Constitution.” President Biden has brought pain and expense to the American people and created a nation living in fear.

It is now being reported that the Mexican cartels use “social media” to lure children into violating our border. The words of Donald Trump are deemed inappropriate and must be removed from Facebook. Why does this agreement by “social media” to participate in the violation of our borders cause Biden’s administration to do nothing?

We will not restore our Founders’ nation until we restore the governing stature of our sovereign states. We have allowed Washington to become the ruling body it was never intended to be. The national political parties acquire massive funds and distribute them across the country to selected campaigns in order to mute the voices of the constituent citizens.

Many representatives elected to the state legislatures oppose efforts to limit outside campaign donations to in-district campaigns. Many governors are silent. To take back our country, we must first take back our states. Stand up America, take your states back!

BOB DEWEY, Wintergreen

When will the Big Lie end? Folks, it’s time to cut to the chase. Are we going to disregard the Constitution the same way we disregard our speed limits? If the answer is yes, then the great experiment is all but over and the blood spilled by our ancestors to establish the Republic was surely wasted. The Constitution forbids those supporting rebellion and insurrection from serving in the federal government, yet over 100 Republicans serving in Congress supported the deadly attack on the Capitol and/or the lying that initiated it shame on any voter who would do anything but recall these scoundrels.

Even today, months after all the votes have been counted, recounted and verified at many levels, with the help of one of the biggest thugs on the planet, Vladimir Putin, social media and much of the right-wing media are perpetuating the “Big Lie” of Donald Trump. He and his blind followers are a danger to our system of government and elected leaders.

The Biden administration is moving forward in bringing the country back from the brink of viral disaster and is being fought by Republicans every step of the way. I have to wonder why any common-sense citizen would ever vote for those continually building stumbling blocks to progress or even worse, falsely claiming that the 2020 election was stolen. They could be working with the Biden administration to lessen the disaster of the virus but are instead fighting progress on that front and erecting barriers to the citizenry casting their votes in the future.

We need courageous Republicans like Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney, and Denver Riggleman, yet they are ignored by the many following destructive Trumpian lies. It is time for the voters to leave those lies behind. Accusations of 2020 election fraud were heard in many courts of the land and always thrown out for lack of proof. Any liar can make accusations.

With Joe Biden, we have a much better President today. Let’s help him make the tough decisions for the entire country. We can do better; we already did. We elected an honest man.

MIKE TABONY, Gladstone

Past time to take the mask off

I look outside and see the faceless crowds roaming the streets. As we approach the second summer of this madness of mask wearing it brings to mind something that was said by a thoughtful woman. I quote: “It suggests a willingness to obey and a reluctance to buck authority- even when authority is pushing for something that doesn’t make sense. It suggests a stifling of the self for the greater good-even when the stated greater good, by all facts and logic, is an impossibility to achieve. It suggests a choking of reason and sound thinking to give others feelings of security and comfort-no matter how false the premise upon which those warm and fuzzy feelings are built.”

It seems that we, for the most part, have lost the ability to think for ourselves; to trust our own common sense. It is amazing how an entire population can be brought to its knees when the fear factor is presented. And those few who do retain their dominion over their own choices relative to their health are deemed selfish; uncaring for others.

So isn’t it time to awaken to the stark reality that we have bought into? Isn’t it time to take off our masks, take back our minds, take back our lives and our liberty? Isn’t it time to bring back that spirit of America that moves with courage and confidence that is inspired from within?




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